Come party with unraveled

Do you want your party to be amazing? Are you looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate? We have the solution! UNRAVELED Escape Room is the best choice for the best party!

Your team will be in an immersive experience and challenged to achieve a common goal before the 60 minutes are up. UNRAVELED will create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression long after the experience is over. Our rooms promote teamwork and bonding.

We will make sure that your party is the one that everyone keeps talking about for years!

You may even uncover some hidden talents and get to know your group a little bit better with this unique and personal experience. So we ask...

Does your Party have what it takes to escape?

Have some questions for us before you lock your group in a room?

We also have private party rooms available for food, drinks and games.

Give us a call at 507-4000-FUN