Looking for a way to get your friends and family even more excited and hyped about their upcoming trip to an escape room? If you want to enhance your gaming experience, look no further than dressing up the next time you play one of our rooms here at UNRAVELED Escape Room. Here are three reasons you should dress up the next time you play an escape room. 


Have you ever watched a movie, or read a book and wished you could be there in the story? Well, with escape rooms, you can! By dressing up for what ever room you are playing, you can put yourself in the shoes of the character you are going to play.



What’s more fun than being goofy with friends and family? Doing it in costume at UNRAVELED Escape Room! Even if you are not a child anymore, you can still play pretend in silly costumes at an escape room. You are never to old to play an escape room



The best way to make an activity truly memorable is to do something out of the ordinary. By dressing up when you play, we guarantee that you will always remember your escape room experience.


Dressing in costume is a great way for escape room enthusiasts and newbies alike to take their gaming experience to another level! Don’t worry if you cannot find costumes of your own, UNRAVELED Escape Room provides costumes for picture taking at the end of your room. We cannot wait to see what costumes you will show up with at UNRAVELED Escape Room.