Humans have more than 5 senses. Can you name at least 6?

Escape Rooms utilize both traditional and non-traditional senses. But what are non-traditional senses? Most of us learned about the five senses in school. The traditional five senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  Non-traditional senses are integral to daily life and they manifest in many ways. Our bodies require the ability to detect and process things that the traditional five senses don’t reach. Following are five examples of non-traditional senses and how they help humans in everyday life:


Temperature Detection

 The ability to perceive hot versus cold is also known as “thermoception.” Our own body temperature is the baseline for this sense. Thermoception is useful to humans because it helps us determine whether our body is in a situation where our basal body temperature could increase or decrease. (Sometimes we want to increase/decrease our body temperature, and sometimes we don’t.) Thermoception also tells us when something is hot or cold enough to damage our skin.


Pain Awareness

Pain, though it isn’t fun, is a useful sense to humans. Pain, otherwise known as “nociception,” is the body’s warning system. The discomfort associated with pain tells us that something is wrong with our body. Pain can also be an indication that the body needs rest.



Can you guess what mechanoreception is? It’s the ability to sense vibration and changes in pressure. Mechanoreception relates closely to the sense of hearing. Persons without the traditional sense of hearing use mechanoreception to enjoy music and to perceive the movement of people, cars, and other objects. Scientists have also studied musicians’ ability to sense vibration and how their development of this sense leads to their understanding of sound and pitch.



Our bodies tell us when it’s time to eat or drink via the senses of hunger and thirst. This combination of non-traditional senses is crucial to human survival and our body’s ability to self-sustain. Hunger and thirst are complicated processes that involve the central nervous system as it works in conjunction with internal organs and the traditional sense of taste.



How do you get from Point A to Point B without falling? It’s your sense of balance, or “equlibrioception.” Balance isn’t just for gymnasts - humans rely on this important, non-traditional sense for any activity that requires mobility, movement, and/or focus.


So go and play an Escape Room today, and try to identify six or more of your senses at work!

Playing an escape room with strangers

One of the best activities you can do for a night out with friends is play an Escape Room. Still there may be times when you want to play, but your friends don’t feel the same. Maybe you had a group of friends planning to go, but they bailed last minute? Or maybe you just wanted a night out by yourself for once. There is nothing wrong with that! There are plenty of reasons you might be playing an Escape Room with strangers, and there is definitely nothing wrong with that either! In fact, some of the best teams have been blended teams made up of complete strangers. You’d be surprised by how well people do when they aren’t extremely close to the people they’re playing with. If you’re ever in this type of position, just be sure to keep these few tips in mind to make the best out of the situation:

Introductions are Important

Take initiative and introduce yourself beforehand. There’s not much time to break the ice, so this is not the time to be shy. You pretty much have the minutes before your game while everyone is waiting in the lobby to become accustomed to each other. So, put the passiveness aside and introduce yourself to anybody you don’t know yet. Make sure to get everybody’s names and try your hardest to remember all of them, as you will need to communicate with each of your teammates once you’re inside the room. Knowing everybody’s names will be a lot more efficient (and polite) than yelling, “Hey you!” every time you’re trying to get somebody’s attention.

Communication is Key

Communicate effectively and efficiently inside the room. As we’ve mentioned countless times before, effective communication is key when playing an escape game. This is especially true when playing with strangers, as strangers are a bit more likely to communicate more slowly and timidly. Don’t forget, the clock is ticking, and there really is no time for slow or timid communication. It’s time to take initiative and be assertive! Although you didn’t know each other coming into the game, you’re all on the same team now, so put your big boy or girl pants on and put those effective communication skills into play!

It is Only a Game

Stop worrying and just have fun! The people that you’re playing with are most likely just as nervous as you are. They are also probably just as nice, patient, understanding, and excited as you as well. If you think about it, there really isn’t too much to worry about when playing a game with strangers! Try your best to focus on the game, rather than the fact that you’re playing it with people you don’t know. You’ll find that you actually do get to know them pretty well inside the room, anyway. By focusing on the game, the puzzles, and the tasks at hand, you’ll find that everything else - communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and teamwork - will just fall into place on its own.

So next time you run into a situation like this, don’t fret. Find your nearest Escape Room today and go meet some new people. Who knows, they might become your new best friends.

Improve Your Concentration With an Escape Room!

It is no secret that the tools players need to escape Escape Rooms are useful for everyday life. One of these tools is that of concentration. While you are in a room, concentration helps so that you do not get off track as you are solving puzzles. Outside the room, Concentration helps to achieve peace of mind and greater productivity. It also leads to an increased level of self-esteem. Here are a few ways you can work to improve your concentration:

Learn The Concept of One-Pointedness

Concentration means focusing on one thing or one thought. Whatever the task at hand may be, it is essential to focus on that task alone and not be distracted. It is impossible to concentrate when we are thinking about something else or we are doing several things at one time. Developing one-pointedness will help us work through our tasks much faster and more easily.

Master The Control Of Your Thoughts

Concentration is often inhibited by distractions resulting from our own thoughts. The only way to prevent this is to learn to control our thoughts and keep them quiet. Many people do not realize they have a choice not to allow unwelcome thoughts. No one should be a helpless victim of their mind. This means that we should prevent any stream of thought that detracts us from concentrating. The determination to concentrate is a way to maintain our focus.

Practice Concentration

Concentration is like any other activity involving the mind or physical efforts; training is essential. The more we practice concentration, the better we will become at it. We know that athletic achievements require practice; the muscles must be trained. The mind works the same way. Practice by focusing on small objects or less complicated thoughts. Of course, life always presents opportunities to increase our concentration.

Don’t Concentrate On One Thing For An Extended Period

Give your mind a rest after concentrating for a long period. Move onto a different activity. A change in activity allows you to use different aspects of your mental capabilities. Your power of concentration will work better when you are not tired of focusing on one activity.

Maintain Good Physical Health

Concentration depends a lot on our physical condition. An unhealthy body makes concentration more difficult. Ensure that you have a healthy, balanced diet. Getting enough sleep and staying physically fit by exercising will be a big help. Exercise helps significantly in improving the powers of concentration.

By utilizing these strategies, you will be able to improve your concentration both for life inside and outside an Escape Room. So, find your nearest Escape Room today to test your power of concentration.

Escape Rooms: A Super Fun Family Reunion Idea!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to spend some quality time with extended family. Not only do you get to share special meals, but you also get time away from work and life to visit those you do not see often. If you really want to make this year extra special, consider playing an Escape Room! Here are a few reasons you should absolutely play an Escape Room with you family this thanksgiving:

Great For Groups

Unlike point-and-click Escape Rooms for your phone, real life Escape Rooms cannot be completed on your own. Most rooms can accommodate up to 10 players, and you will need all the help your family can give you. You’ll crack codes, solve puzzles, and work as a team to escape on time.

Family Friendly

When it comes to Escape Rooms, there is no age limit. It does not matter if the player is 5 or 95, Escape Rooms are for everyone. Whether you are playing with children, parents, or grandparents.


Not only are Escape Rooms for everyone, they are also super fun for everyone too!. It is kind of like playing a board game, only this time you are in the board game. Plus it is a great way to feel a little younger, even if it only lasts an hour.

So this holiday season, consider giving Escape Rooms a try. And if you have played before, use this opportunity to introduce Escape Rooms to everyone in your family.

Why Escape Rooms Are Great for Holiday Parties!!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! As December roles around, it’s time to start planning for the annual holiday party. Want to try something different with your friends, family, or coworkers this year? Consider incorporating escape rooms into your celebration. Here are three reasons why you should have your next holiday party at an escape room:

It gets people out of the house or office.

It gets cold around this time of year. You spend less time out-and-about, and more time cooped up inside. Having a holiday party at an escape room is a great way to get everyone together and to go and do something fun and exciting. Which leads to the next point.

It is different and exciting.

Everyone has experienced a nice dinner with family, a movie date with friends; however, If you have never experienced an escape room before, you are missing out. Escape rooms are unlike anything else you have tried, and escape room holiday parties are a great opportunity to try something new, fresh, and exciting.

It is a fun way to improve communication and teamwork.

Escape rooms are team games, and only with solid communication and team work can groups make it out before time is up. But more importantly escape rooms are a blast to play. No matter your family, friend, or co-worker dynamic, escape rooms will improve your communication skills for the better.

So if you want to mix things up this year, have your next holiday party at UNRAVELED Escape Room. Make it a holiday party everyone will remember.

No Time or Money for Corporate Team Building? Try An Escape Room!

Don’t worry, I used to feel the same way too. In fact, I felt like every corporate team building activity out there took a lot of time and money, but what I found is that is not the case with escape rooms!

Want to know a fun fact? Escape room games are one of the best stand-alone corporate team building activities. In addition to the communication skills, cooperation, and collaboration that are required to complete the challenge, there’s one other big benefit: it doesn’t take long to complete. Here’s three reasons why this is beneficial:



Unlike old-fashioned corporate retreats that take days to complete, a trip to an escape Room takes just about an hour. If you bring your employees out during the workday, you will not lose a lot of productivity. Also, if you ask them to participate after work or on the weekend, you are not asking them to give up a lot of their personal time.


Budget plays an important role in the planning and execution of corporate team building activities. Imagine the cost of taking your employees off-site for a day of exercises. And even if you did an in-house session, you’d still have to provide food, beverages, and supplies for the day. With an escape room, all you have to invest is the cost of a ticket and an hour of your time.


There’s very little planning on your part when you visit an escape room. Most escape rooms, including UNRAVELED Escape Room, do bookings online. Figure out the date and time that your team can come, then go online and choose the room you want to play. The escape room staff will take care of the rest!

Even if you don’t think you have the time or money for team building exercises, you do! Call UNRAVELED Escape Room today and get locked up with your co-workers!

Should you dress up for an escape room?

Looking for a way to get your friends and family even more excited and hyped about their upcoming trip to an escape room? If you want to enhance your gaming experience, look no further than dressing up the next time you play one of our rooms here at UNRAVELED Escape Room. Here are three reasons you should dress up the next time you play an escape room. 


Have you ever watched a movie, or read a book and wished you could be there in the story? Well, with escape rooms, you can! By dressing up for what ever room you are playing, you can put yourself in the shoes of the character you are going to play.



What’s more fun than being goofy with friends and family? Doing it in costume at UNRAVELED Escape Room! Even if you are not a child anymore, you can still play pretend in silly costumes at an escape room. You are never to old to play an escape room



The best way to make an activity truly memorable is to do something out of the ordinary. By dressing up when you play, we guarantee that you will always remember your escape room experience.


Dressing in costume is a great way for escape room enthusiasts and newbies alike to take their gaming experience to another level! Don’t worry if you cannot find costumes of your own, UNRAVELED Escape Room provides costumes for picture taking at the end of your room. We cannot wait to see what costumes you will show up with at UNRAVELED Escape Room.


Why choose UNRAVELED Escape Room this Halloween?

Many of you might be looking for different activities to do this Halloween and are wondering if UNRAVELED Escape Room is your ticket for fun. Here are three reasons why UNRAVELED Escape Room will make this Halloween one you will never forget.

1. Good, Clean, Fun

Usually this time of year, people tend to get a bit mischievous. Playing one of our rooms is no trick, rather it is a treat for everyone involved. We guarantee it will be more fun to escape from our Escape from Alcatraz, rather than being thrown into the local penitentiary this Halloween!

2. Fit Your Schedule

There is no curfew to your escape. Whether it be daytime our nighttime, you can escape at your own leisure. Book one of our rooms online and you’ll be having fun on your schedule! It is that easy and no need to wait until the witching hour is upon you!


If you have never played an escape room before or have never played one of our rooms, then you need to experience one of UNRAVELED Escape Room’s three amazing themes. See for yourself why we are “The Leader In Fun!”

So go round up a group of friends and family, and play a room at UNRAVELED Escape Room. We promise you it will be a Halloween experience you will never forget.

What To Expect?

What To Know Before Playing An Escape Room

Whether your a first timer or an experienced veteran of escape rooms, you’ll find that each one is different from the last. There are a lot of different key things you will have picked up if you are experienced, but you easily may have missed some important tips that will make your next escape even better. And if you are a first timer, these tips may be vital to your first escape.

What should I know

It's harder than you think. These rooms aren’t catered for everyone to win. A lot of times, you’ll find out they are harder than you ever imagined. With determination and insight, you may help yourself have an easier time when you realize what exactly you're getting into. Either win or lose, there’s no doubt you will have fun in the process.

Choose your team wisely

A lot of times, your game will be determined from the beginning just by your teammates. Your colleagues who all work the same job as you may not have the same insight as some of your friends who work as, say, a programmer, an artist, a writer, or anywhere unique opposed to you. Leave the crazy friends at home, these rooms are made for your critical thinking friends.

Dive in

It’s not hard, but with a lack of excitement to seemingly tear the room apart and find everything you need, you may miss out on some important things. When your locked in, your game will begin. At this point, every second is critical towards your escape, and you don’t want to be slugging around and just lose by a couple minutes.

Don’t Overthink

When you’ve solved a puzzle, but end up missing a step or two guiding you to the wrong answer, don't apply some strange logic to what you’re doing. Remember what you we’re doing that was correct, and come back to that to figure out your problem. Of course, there are endless tips and tricks we could give you. Look out for our next email with tips and tricks that will make your next escape the best one yet.


Utilize these and other strategies to help your team come away victorious. Because is there seriously anything better than escaping with UNRAVELED?!

How To Choose The Best Escape Room Team



When you come to an escape room you want to make sure that you have a good group of people that will work well together and have a good time. Finding your IDEAL group of people to venture out into the unknown with you and take on a room that will test your brains, patience, and critical thinking skills can be tough.


So how do you decide who makes the cut and who gets cut from the team in order to make your experience the best it can be???


We broke them down into 3 groups:


1. The Good

Finding your ideal teammates is the easy part. Account for all your friends, family and coworkers and what makes each of them special. Oh, your best friend loves to read and his wife is a math prodigy? Count them in. Your friends with various jobs and various skill sets will provide you the best support when working towards an escape. Find people who are just as excited about going as you are. People who are competetive and like to win and those that love to do puzzles or find hidden things also seem to do great.

2. The Bad

In this category you'll find people who are unwilling to participate, people who are getting in the way of the team with their own wrong ideas, and people that steamroll others and don't think about letting others play! You can learn to differentiate the good people to escape with, as opposed to the bad pretty easily... They don’t necessarily have to be ‘bad’ at escaping, but sometimes multiple people involved in the same things or the same lines of work can end up having almost the same views and ideas as you! If you're coming with coworkers hopefully you have a diverse enough group that it won't hurt your chances. These are people who can't solve the simplest tasks or don't take initiative to help the team.

3. The Ugly

No, you don’t need people with beautiful looks and fashion to play an escape room. However, you'll want to stay away from the people in this group. Here you'll find skeptical or negative people who are expecting a bad time, people with bad attitudes, and people unwilling to try. Don’t let them hamper the experience and dampen the room with their negativity or if they're getting in the way - you are here for the WIN!

Using this method you should now be able to easily decipher which category your friends and family belong to and use this to your advantage when creating your Perfect Team!