When you come to an escape room you want to make sure that you have a good group of people that will work well together and have a good time. Finding your IDEAL group of people to venture out into the unknown with you and take on a room that will test your brains, patience, and critical thinking skills can be tough.


So how do you decide who makes the cut and who gets cut from the team in order to make your experience the best it can be???


We broke them down into 3 groups:


1. The Good

Finding your ideal teammates is the easy part. Account for all your friends, family and coworkers and what makes each of them special. Oh, your best friend loves to read and his wife is a math prodigy? Count them in. Your friends with various jobs and various skill sets will provide you the best support when working towards an escape. Find people who are just as excited about going as you are. People who are competetive and like to win and those that love to do puzzles or find hidden things also seem to do great.

2. The Bad

In this category you'll find people who are unwilling to participate, people who are getting in the way of the team with their own wrong ideas, and people that steamroll others and don't think about letting others play! You can learn to differentiate the good people to escape with, as opposed to the bad pretty easily... They don’t necessarily have to be ‘bad’ at escaping, but sometimes multiple people involved in the same things or the same lines of work can end up having almost the same views and ideas as you! If you're coming with coworkers hopefully you have a diverse enough group that it won't hurt your chances. These are people who can't solve the simplest tasks or don't take initiative to help the team.

3. The Ugly

No, you don’t need people with beautiful looks and fashion to play an escape room. However, you'll want to stay away from the people in this group. Here you'll find skeptical or negative people who are expecting a bad time, people with bad attitudes, and people unwilling to try. Don’t let them hamper the experience and dampen the room with their negativity or if they're getting in the way - you are here for the WIN!

Using this method you should now be able to easily decipher which category your friends and family belong to and use this to your advantage when creating your Perfect Team!