What To Know Before Playing An Escape Room

Whether your a first timer or an experienced veteran of escape rooms, you’ll find that each one is different from the last. There are a lot of different key things you will have picked up if you are experienced, but you easily may have missed some important tips that will make your next escape even better. And if you are a first timer, these tips may be vital to your first escape.

What should I know

It's harder than you think. These rooms aren’t catered for everyone to win. A lot of times, you’ll find out they are harder than you ever imagined. With determination and insight, you may help yourself have an easier time when you realize what exactly you're getting into. Either win or lose, there’s no doubt you will have fun in the process.

Choose your team wisely

A lot of times, your game will be determined from the beginning just by your teammates. Your colleagues who all work the same job as you may not have the same insight as some of your friends who work as, say, a programmer, an artist, a writer, or anywhere unique opposed to you. Leave the crazy friends at home, these rooms are made for your critical thinking friends.

Dive in

It’s not hard, but with a lack of excitement to seemingly tear the room apart and find everything you need, you may miss out on some important things. When your locked in, your game will begin. At this point, every second is critical towards your escape, and you don’t want to be slugging around and just lose by a couple minutes.

Don’t Overthink

When you’ve solved a puzzle, but end up missing a step or two guiding you to the wrong answer, don't apply some strange logic to what you’re doing. Remember what you we’re doing that was correct, and come back to that to figure out your problem. Of course, there are endless tips and tricks we could give you. Look out for our next email with tips and tricks that will make your next escape the best one yet.


Utilize these and other strategies to help your team come away victorious. Because is there seriously anything better than escaping with UNRAVELED?!